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As your personal nutrition guide, it’s my goal to help you by giving diet plans and Starting weight loss programs in the market.

When I will you a diet, I’ll tell you what each program involves – the pros and cons, the likelihood of long term weight loss (part of that is whether it’s a diet that a normal person can stick to!), and of course my own professional opinion, as well as the results I’ve seen in my previous years as a dietitian.

You’ll even have the opportunity to write your own review of a weight loss plan or program you’ve tried. That’s first hand information that I think will be valuable to other dieters!

Diets tested in clinical trials with results published in scientific journals Diets Receiving Professional Reviews from Expert Panels and/or The American Dietetic Association Other Popular Diets
Atkins Diet Reviews The Abs diet Beverly Hill Diet
Dean Ornish Diet Best Life Diet Biggest losser diet
ediets Sonoma Diet Diet Watch
Jenny Craig South Beach Diet GI Diet
Slim Fast Ultrametabolism Maker’s Diet
Volumetrics You on a diet Mayo clinic diet
Weight watchers Medifest
Diet zone Nutrisystem

Why is the table in three different colors?

Because the watchwords with popular diets is Caution! The first column is in the orange colour because these are the diets that have had the most research done on them! The third column is in the brown, because so little is known. But…

Just because a diet has been studied doesn’t mean it’ll be safe and/or effective for you. The best diet is one made just for you, one that fills your nutritional needs and your taste needs! That is, a diet you can sustain and make part of your regular lifestyle.

If you want help formulating just such a diet, I hope you’ll contact me. I have experience offering people just that kind of help!

I’ll bet you have experience with at least one of the diets on this list. Well, then how about telling my visitors about it? Just fill out the contact form.

Because the greatest form of expertise is experience, and one of the greatest gifts you can give is sharing yours. Thanks!