हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां पर प्रेस करें।

  • Health conscious Individual & Family:-

    This program is about eating real foods and finding smart alternatives, which will not compromise on flavour. Perhaps you already consider yourself a healthy person. An important way of maintaining your personal health is a healthy diet. A healthy diet consists of a variety of plant-based and animal-based foods that provide nutrients to your body. Such nutrients give you energy and keep your body moving. Nutrients help build and strengthen bones and muscles and also regulate body processes

  • For the busy bee & people who don’t work out:-

    This program is for people who are busy and didn’t get time to exercise. We will understand your lifestyle and will recommend exercises that can be very easily incorporated into your daily routine. Also, we will identify your bad eating habits and will suggest easy to implement solutions.
  • People who has uncontrollable hunger even carved a candy bar or bread and butter:-

    I know that was me! This isn’t about a diet, this is about changing your body and mind’s relationship with food. Diets don’t teach you how to curb cravings for good, and that’s why diets never work. I’m here to help you create healthy habits with substitutions and guides that are sustainable beyond 28-days.

250 Rs. Diet plan

  • 7 days diet plan based on your body type:-

    Get 7 days diet plan for your specific need.

  • 2 special low-fat recipes:-

    Get 2 tasty & amazing 2 low-fat recipes.

  • Phone support up to 2 times:-

    In these 7 days client can call me 2 times.

  • Simple and easy diet plan to follow that works:-

    You will get simple diet plan that will be easy for a client to follow.

  • Exclusive tips for healthy lifestyle:-

    You will get 2-3 tips that will be very beneficial for you.

Get Started Now For Only Rs.750/month

  • 28 Days strict diet plan:-  

    Get 28 days diet plan for your specific need.

  • 3 +Fat-Free recipe/week:-

    Get amazing and tasty 3+low-fat or fat-free recipes.

  • Daily whats app messages:-

    Daily I will be asking you for the food updates.I’m here to keep you motivated and on track throughout your 28 days and beyond.

  • Unlimited phone support:-

    You can call me as many time as you can at any time.

  • Weekly review call:-

    Weekly client will receive the call from me.

  • Exclusive tips for healthy life style:-

    You will get time to time tips that will be very beneficial for you.



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