Easy dietitian has build online clients by utilizing today’s technology. I will provide personal guidance based on daily feedback of the clients. I will educate the users on their daily diet on the nutrition aspects of food.

I will give you diet plan but I know that you will not follow it, and that will be the reason you will not get any result.
 As my first step will be to change your lifestyle:-
As every person have their different diet plan because the food items which one person eat its not necessary that all of us eat the same. So I will not only provide you diet plan but will also suggest you what is good for your health according to your likes and dislikes.
When I will provide you diet plan according to you in that also if you feel that you want some changes according to you I will definitely do it but for that you have to be in contact with me. In the first week I will daily take the food updates from you then in the second week I will take the food update alternatively and so on.

By taking the updates you will find some problems in your lifestyle so for that also I will give you the solutions.

This is the reason that a diet plan doesn’t work and a personal dietitian is necessary to achieve your health goals.
Plans offered:
3 months course -First 15 days free trial after that Rs.750/month.
Payment accepted through Paytm or Bank Account Transfer only.