Healthy Blood Cell Regeneration

Blood cell is the sauce of life for our body, healthy and new blood cell is really important to our health.

One of the important nutrient of building blood cell is iron, and we can take in many rich iron food or even supplement, but there is another great way of taking enough iron that our body needs in a day, it is by making dragon fruit juice.

Dragon fruit or also known as pitaya is very rich in iron, helps in blood cell reproduction and prevents anemia. Of course it does other great function as well like the vegetable albumin inside dragon fruit will help to detox heavy metal particles from our body, and the anthocyanin ingredients helps in anti- aging too.


  • Dragon Fruit 1 piece, peeled, cut into cubes and blend it.


If possible, try to get one which is red flesh instead of white one. Since red flesh dragon fruit has richer nutrients compare to the whit ones. Particularly the rich content of anthocyanin and iron.

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