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Amazing benefits of eating these food items for weight loss. - My WordPress

Amazing benefits of eating these food items for weight loss.


Eating Anything in excess can lead to weight gain, but potatoes in moderation are a great way to stay on track for your weight loss goals. Potatoes are considered starches, which fill up the the stomach in the same way as bread or other high-fiber foods, making you feel full and satisfied. The specific type of carbohydrates found in potatoes  are also more resistant to digestion, and are not “simple” sugars, so these are instead converted  directly to energy, and can boost the metabolism, helping to burn even more calories and keep you in better shape.


Spinach and other leafy greens are great choices for weight loss, both for their chemical make up and their fiber content. Spinach is very low in calories, but contains high levels of fiber, which helps the body to digest food more efficiently. Furthermore, spinach contains thylakoid and other powerful hormonal balance in your body. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone and leptin is the satiety hormone, spinach can help tilt the balance towards feeling full, which will prevent you from overeating and help you keep the weight off!


When people try to lose weight, staying away from sweets and unnecessary sugars is usually at the top of the guidelines, but dark chocolate, in moderation, is actually effective for weight loss. Dark chocolate contains a number of unique organic components that directly affect the digestive system, and can actually slow down digestion. This make you feel full for longer, which cuts down snacking between meals. Furthermore, the blend of “good” fats found in dark chocolate, namely monounsaturated fats, can boost the rate of you metabolism to burn even more calories.

4. Wine:-

Its always nice to hear that a guilty pleasure can have positive effects on overall health, so wine lovers have a reason to rejoice. The skin of red grapes contain a powerful compounds called resveratrol which has a number of unique benefits for the body. Resveratrol can inhibit the storage of fats in the body, forcing it to be converted into usable energy. Furthermore, resveratrol has an ability to stimulate the metabolism, increasing fat- burning after a single glass of red wine. Although white wine offers some of the same benefits, red wine contains much higher levels of resveratrol.

5. Brown rice:-

While the difference between white rice and brown rice may appear to be purely superficial, they are actually quite different in terms of nutrients. Brown rice is very high in dietary fiber, which helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently and flush the system of toxins. Brown rice is also a more complex carbohydrate then white rice, meaning that is more likely to be converted into usable energy, rather than converted into fat deposits. The energy boost provided by brown rice also leads to a more active and energized lifestyle, thus keeping your metabolism operating at a high level.

6. Blueberry:-

As a super food, blue berries have a long list of positive benefits for the body, including their impact on weight management. These delicious berries are high in dietary fiber, which helps to improve digestion and nutrient absorption, but notably low in calories. Furthermore, blueberries are overflowing with antioxidants and beneficial vitamins that the body needs for proper metabolism and organ system function. The antioxidants also lessen the oxidative stress on the body, which can prevent adipose tissues formation and chronic disease.

7. Avocado:-

Avocados are very high in fat content, which doesn’t immediately sound like a good idea for weight loss, but their are many different kinds of fat, some of which are actually important for weight loss. The concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, including oleic acid, in avocados can help lower inflammation and balance cholesterol levels. Avocados are also densely packed with minerals and nutrients, which contributes to the feeling of being full, thus preventing overeating. An avocado is a simple and easily accessible meal replacement that also gives you an energy boost!

8. Lentils:-

They may be small and unassuming legumes, but lentils have a number of powerful health benefits that are often overlooked. Lentils help the body to regulate blood sugar, thus preventing the development of diabetes, or regulating the symptoms for those already diagnosed. Blood sugar fluctuations can cause weight loss and an increase in visceral fat, adipose tissues deposited around the midsection. This type of fat, is often considered the worst for long term health, as it can cause inflammation of key organs located near the stomach and pancreas.

9. Kale:-

Leafy greens are critical aspects of a weight loss diet, and kale is one of the best calciferous vegetables out there. In terms of eliminating obesity, kale is not only rich in dietary fiber, which promotes weight loss, but is also high in other essential minerals, such as iron and calcium. Iron can increase circulation, thus boosting your metabolic rate and increasing fat-burning in your body. Kale is also linked to lowering cholesterol levels, thus protecting heart health, which is often compromised in obese individuals.



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