Saunf water to lose weight

Fennel seed water (Saunf Ka Paani) is simply water infused with fennel seeds, either through immersing them in hot water or steeping it overnight in cool water.
Fennel Seed Water is considered as one of the good natural home remedies to lose weight.

How Fennel Seed Water Helps You Lose weight:
•  It increases metabolism.
•  It is a natural appetite suppressant.
•  The seeds aids in blood purification.
•  The water helps to detoxify the body.
•  It is mildly diuretic.
•  It has an anti-spasmodic effect.
•  It stimulates melatonin

How to Make Fennel Seed Water:
•  Take 1 litre of drinking water and bring it to a boil.
•  When the water starts bubbling, toss in the 2 tablespoons of raw fennel seeds, and switch off the flame immediately.
•  Cover the pan with a lid and allow this to cool to room temperature.
•  Once it cools, your fennel water is now ready. All you have to do is to transfer it into your glass jar or bottle.

Now sip this complete batch throughout the day.

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