Benefits of Raw Banana

Raw banana is used in making veggie or kofta. Generally, people does not know the benefit of it. I will tell you about the benefits of raw banana:

  • Raw banana is a very rich source of potassium which make the immune system strong, as well as make the body whole day active. Vitamin B6 and vitamin C which is present in raw banana gives energy to our body cell.
  • Raw banana has a healthy starch as well  as antioxidants are present in it. So it is proved that eating raw banana is good for health.
  • Those who want to reduce weight are always suggested to have one raw banana per day. There is good quantity of fiber in raw banana which is helpful in cleaning the fat cells as well as impurities in our body.
  • Raw banana has healthy starch as well as fiber which helps in cleaning and removing impurities from your intestine. If you have the problem of constipation then also raw banana is very helpful.
  • Fiber present in raw banana help in controlling excess hunger ( one will not fall hungry frequently).
  • If your diabetes is in starting phase so start having raw banana which is very good to control it.
  • Having raw banana daily helps to improve digestion, as well as cure cancer.
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